Sunday, December 21, 2014

Snowflakes Applique

I made a few simple little snowflakes for this week's applique design. These snowflakes can be used in a couple different ways. First, you can use just the outline of each one, for the most basic snowflakes. These would be the easiest to cut out and to applique. I used two of these simple shapes for a table runner. The background of the runner could be quilt blocks, or a favorite print, or as I've shown here, a few wide stripes of different colors.

I also used a few with both layers of the design, to make my always popular placemats. (I think I like making table toppers and placemats more than anything. )

Last, I made a few mug rugs, with a big snowflake on each one. On the green rug, it looks like I cut out all the inner edges of the snowflake design, when in reality, I cut the little diamond shapes out of the same color as the background, and added them on top of the snowflake. I'm not sure it was any easier than cutting out the actual snowflake, but it was fun to try. Hope you have fun with these designs, and be sure to share any finished projects, so I can post them here!

Thanks for checking in again! I will be taking two weeks off for some family time over the holidays (and to work with my new little puppies), so I'll see you again the second Sunday in January!


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