Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mrs. Snowman

First there was Mr. snowman last week, and now here's Mrs. Snowman to join him. Use them separately, or together. A set of placemats would be cute using a couple of each of them. Or a table topper using both of them. Also a good size for pot holders, wall hangings, even greeting card! And I'm sure you can come up with even other uses.
Here's Mrs. Snowman adorning a placemat, similar to Mr. Snowman last week. You could make the backgrounds all different, or decorate the snowmen in different colors on each mat.
Here is the couple together, on a table runner and wall hanging. Wouldn't these be fun to make?

Thanks for checking in, see you next week!


  1. How cute! Her hat is just great!! :D I could see leaving out one of the sections and making a snow kid for them too…just mix & match the other parts!

  2. Cute idea! Could make a whole row of different ones in varying sizes.