Monday, December 8, 2014

Mr. Snowman Applique

This week I have Mr. Snowman for you, in an applique pattern. I made it for feltwork, but it could also be used for machine applique or even scrapbooking. He's got a number of pieces, so you can get really creative with different colors and fabrics.

Since I'm a big fan of placemats, I tried him on one with a really simple background. The snowflakes could be added with machine or hand embroidery or even acrylic paint.

Instead of a set of placemats, you can use the same idea, but add a message of your choice, and use it as a wall hanging near your front door. It's a cute way to welcome guests into your home.

Come back next week for Mrs. Snowman.
Thanks for stopping in!
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  1. Paulette,
    Mr. Snowman is so cute and I can't wait for Mrs. Snowman. I've been wanting to make a new table runner for this year, you have provided the applique for it! Thanks for your great designs, love them!

  2. Thanks Margaret! Hope you like Mrs. Snowman too, I think she's kinda cute. Be sure to send me a picture if you make a table runner with them!

  3. Very cute!! He would be great in scrapbook papers on a homemade Christmas card!

  4. That would be really cute, Tes! Use a snowflake paper in the background.