Sunday, November 30, 2014

Three Little Mittens

Here is a pretty simple mitten pattern you can use to dress up a variety of wintry items. Three different mitten styles to choose from. Use all three or just use one in lots of different colors.

Here's a cute pillow, using just one variation of the mitten. Would be a cute table topper if you used several around a simple center.
You can also switch cuffs or other elements, to make the mittens a little different. Or try adding little beads to the tree to trim it up really festively!

Come back next week for Mr. Snowman, followed by Mrs. Snowman the week after.
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Monday, November 24, 2014

Three Layered Flower Applique

It's snowing here again today, and I'm not quite ready for winter just yet, so I thought I'd make a pretty little flower applique this week. I'll do some wintery things starting next week, but today it's a flower. This flower has three layers in addition to the leaves. You can use just the bottom petal layer when you make a flower, or add either of the other pieces on top of it, or use all three.

If you use the pattern actual size, it would be good on coasters, mug rugs or placemats. Make them a bit bigger and they'd be good on a wall hanging, table runner, table topper or even quilt squares. I do like making applique flowers, so you'll be seeing more of them from time to time. Maybe I should design a quilt with all different flower applique blocks. That would be fun to make.

Here is an idea of how this flower design could look on a table runner.  You could also scatter the flowers in all different directions. Or all different colors.

This is a placemat idea. I am fond of making big squares then adding something on top of them. I have a pattern in the works with an assortment of basic backgrounds, and different appliques to go on top, similar to this.

One little trick I forgo to mention earlier, is when I'm playing with the placement of any applique, I often cut the pieces out of colored paper to try them out different ways and in different color combinations, before cutting out the actual fabric. I can also adjust the sizes if necessary, before wasting and fabric, too. I use construction paper, which is really cheap, or leftover scrapbooking paper. I seem to have a good number of books of it, and I don't do scrapbooking!!

Bye for now, see you next week! 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Autumn Leaves Applique Pattern

This week's free applique pattern is for three autumn leaves. I originally designed these as part of a wall hanging, but I never quite managed to get it finished. Maybe for next fall.....

Until then, there are a lot of cute things just dying to be created with these leaves, like table runners, pillows, placemats, potholders. Don't forget, you can make them bigger or smaller, and flip them.

You can dress up some simple checked placemats with a leaf or two -

Hope you have fun with this pattern, and show me what you've made with it!

I'm working hard to get patterns for the sewing caddy and a bigger tri-fold finished in the next week or two.